cool cat softies


This cool duo is set to become a favorite Creative Sewing Session.  They’re sweet, cool and 100% customized.  Softies will launch in June as a two-hour pair session.

The best part, every single one is unique.

If you’re not lucky enough to be a Californian local, give these a go by tracing or drawing an animal/fellow softie that your kidlet likes.  Allow 5/8″ for seams, rummage through mixy-matchy fabric scraps + sew!

Oh, fancy that!


vintage tin planter: crafty green thumb

If you’re looking for a simple Sunday decor diy, find a lovely vintage tin of a size you like + choose a plant you want to display and let’s begin!

For outside you have a variety of plants to choose from, but if you’re keeping the planter indoors, best to choose a plant that suits low to mid light conditions, like ferns, succulents and some edible herbs – perfect to keep in your kitchen!

Start by hammering a good size nail into the bottom of the tin and plant your greenery of choice.  This honestly took me all of 10 minutes!

Let your little one help to share the love of growing something together.


The wonderful thing about using a tin is that the lid sits nicely underneath it to become the saucer, meaning you can water it whenever and not have to set it somewhere different to drain.

I always let my indoor plants get a little sunshine each week on our outdoor table to keep them happy.

oh, fancy that!

gigi.bee: bloomers for my beach babe

California is finally bringing out the beach days, so to Santa Cruz we flock each weekend!

It was only fitting to sew some deliciously adorable flamingo bloomers for my beach babe to sport!




These were lovingly handmade using my custom bloomers pattern for my small business, gigi.bee creative sewing sessions.

They’re a simple diy, and maybe one day I will get around to not only teaching sewing classes, but putting them in a YouTube vlog or selling some pattern+fabric bundles on Etsy!

Oh, fancy that!

diy rustic chalkboard

IMG_20160412_093745-01 (1)

I had purchased a few framed paintings that needed new life and the joy of mixing things up by combining my little one’s play area with our living room.

My little munchkin loves using her chalkboard and this design is so much more appealing than the Ikea ones!  Personalising our space with diy projects makes my heart sing.  It’s where we hang out every single day and it is home.


Take a framed painting/photo frame//use painter’s tape in the right places//coat twice with chalk paint (mine was Kid Gloves white by Valspar) + twice with chalkboard paint.  I distressed the frame using a light sandpaper to give it a rustic feel.

Oh, fancy that!