vintage tin planter: crafty green thumb

If you’re looking for a simple Sunday decor diy, find a lovely vintage tin of a size you like + choose a plant you want to display and let’s begin!

For outside you have a variety of plants to choose from, but if you’re keeping the planter indoors, best to choose a plant that suits low to mid light conditions, like ferns, succulents and some edible herbs – perfect to keep in your kitchen!

Start by hammering a good size nail into the bottom of the tin and plant your greenery of choice.  This honestly took me all of 10 minutes!

Let your little one help to share the love of growing something together.


The wonderful thing about using a tin is that the lid sits nicely underneath it to become the saucer, meaning you can water it whenever and not have to set it somewhere different to drain.

I always let my indoor plants get a little sunshine each week on our outdoor table to keep them happy.

oh, fancy that!


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