Creative Streak Show & Tell

It’s been another wonderful week of creative bliss and I have been sewing, painting and getting some diy calligraphy practice in.

When time is precious and you spend most of your waking hours with your little loves, most projects get done in those few hours before your head hits the pillow.

My evenings have been full of the whir of sewing machines and brushes of paint whilst the crickets chirped outside.  I call this bliss.

Firstly, I had some mama’s around to sew beanbags for an upcoming kids event.  Good company and pink wine made for a fun afternoon of happiness and creativity.  The finished products looked great!  The little ones will use them for the corn toss at their carnival and these were super simple to make!  They’d be a great diy if you’re after interactive games for your munchkins at home.


It was also an exciting week as we got to celebrate the imminent arrival of Baby Swan. I got busy prepping, and besides whipping up a bunch of delicious Mary Berry Devonshire Scones, I stitched up two matching summer dresses for the soon-to-be-sisters from a lush little fabric find.  Of course, Baby Swan also gets her own sweet vintage owl Boho Bib too!

A quick diy project had me cutting a foam core board and using foam circle daubers to create a sweet little polka dot Polaroid photo-booth frame for the Baby Shower.  Isn’t Mama Swan gorgeous!  I loved this little guy, as it can then be used to frame something in Baby Swan’s room or used for newborn photos.


I also realised I have a trend crush on off-the-shoulder blouses, so I designed & made one from scratch.

It’s now launched in my Creative Sewing Sessions!  Oh for the love of fashion!


My little Miss also got some new whimsy “feather pants” as she calls them, as I made her a new pair of my Signature Adventure Leggings.  Every time they are the perfect fit and withstand toddler wear & tear.  Best pattern I’ve ever drafted, I think!

I shared a sneaky-peek at how to create the leggings on my Instagram & Facebook.  Be sure to follow those for daily inspiration!


I hope this inspires you to kick your creative streak into high gear and start some of those projects you’ve been Pinterest-ing ideas for.  By no means do you need to go out and buy a whole stash of hardware, paint, frames, fabric and do five weekly projects.

Be inspired by your own space & belongings.  Spruce things up a bit to keep it personable and purposeful.  Set a minimalist and calm tone by using neutrals on furniture and as decor, or scream your energy and positive change to the world by splashing colour and mixing prints!

This just so happened to be a super busy week and I have no idea where I got the energy from (last-minute stress, copious amounts of coffee…who knows).  I’m all about sharing creative makes to hopefully give you the friendly push you need to just DO.

I’m off to buy a delectable shade of fuchsia paint (sample pot size, of course, to save pennies) from the hardware store…side table, you’re about to get BRIGHT!

Happy Sunday fellow folk.

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Sun on my Shoulders

I have a knack for re-imagining things and have a lush little top that I grabbed from in London at some point.  I rarely wore it as it was, but…

Hello trend: off-the-shoulder.


This is such a sweet trend to muck into and wearing the top to the beach is the perfect debut.

The diy was simple: cut off the top shoulder to shoulder in a smooth curve, sew a quick casing, insert elastic (measure by placing it around shoulders as to how you want it to fit) and close the casing with some extra stitches.

This took less than an hour and it was ready to wear!


It’s the perfect thing to do on a lazy weekend: re-imagining clothing that you otherwise don’t pull on (but refuse to part with) keeps your wardrobe on-trend.


Oh!  Fancy that!

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Darling Dress-ups

I’m having sew much fun designing, drafting and sewing toddler dresses, and thought I’d share a quick post with photos.  More to add when they’re worn to all these birthday TWO’S we are celebrating!

I simply traced a dress that my little one loves, and I’ve worked some drafting magic and ta-da!


The darling dress is now launched for Creative Sewing Sessions and I’m excited to see it take over beaches and parks of California!

book here

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Mid-week Macrame & Joyful Jute

I’ve been eager to try my hand at macrame, and what better way than while sitting watching Netflix sipping wine.

I started with 6 jute rope lengths and knotted them together at one end.  Pop them into pairs, and about an inch or two up, knot one of each pair with the next strand.


This was a simple way to create something fun, hang a plant and splash some colour into our living room!  It wouldn’t have taken more than a half hour to do.  I already had my potted plant, just had to purchase two $1 reels of fuchsia jute (I already had natural jute at home) from Target.

It was also time to take to the random twig basket eye-sore that was on our patio when we moved in.  With some white spray and ocean blue jute, she’s now in pride of place by the Adirondack rocker.


Oh, fancy that!

Happy mid-week macrame & joyful jute creating.

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Hummingbird Hues

A neutral colour scheme is a great place to start when filling your home with base furniture.  Your creativity and love of colours//monotones//neutrals can then run wild as you create and place decor pieces to create a home that screams “you”.

For us, being surrounded by colours and collections from our travels fill us with happiness.

Using colour and decor that recreate memories let us genuinely enjoy our home, rather than having it look and feel like someone else has designed it or too stock standard.  A coastal palette with splashes of colour make us happiest.

We are surrounded by the feeling of growing up on the East Coast of Australia, holidays in the south of Spain, island hopping in Croatia and our Greek Island honeymoon.

Splashes of ocean blues, bougainvillea fuchsias and turquoise all stand out against our matte vintage whites, wooden accents and natural grays.


When I bounded out of bed and had devoured two cups of coffee, my creative spark took hold.

I brought home a pre-cut hummingbird design not too long ago from the fabric store, and it was time to sew some goodness with it.

It has such beautiful natural coastal colours in it, that it is perfect for our living room.


To sew a simple Euro cushion cover, I used the pre-cut square and then cut two back pieces of fabric that were wider by at least 5 inches or more to allow for seams//folded over edge and overlap.


The natural selvedge meant that I didn’t have to sew or finish the overlap, but rather folded it under and used a straight stitch to sew around the square.

I always finish the raw edges then with zigzag stitches or a serger to prevent fraying.  This project from start to finish only took a half hour or so.  Oh, fancy that!

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