Hummingbird Hues

A neutral colour scheme is a great place to start when filling your home with base furniture.  Your creativity and love of colours//monotones//neutrals can then run wild as you create and place decor pieces to create a home that screams “you”.

For us, being surrounded by colours and collections from our travels fill us with happiness.

Using colour and decor that recreate memories let us genuinely enjoy our home, rather than having it look and feel like someone else has designed it or too stock standard.  A coastal palette with splashes of colour make us happiest.

We are surrounded by the feeling of growing up on the East Coast of Australia, holidays in the south of Spain, island hopping in Croatia and our Greek Island honeymoon.

Splashes of ocean blues, bougainvillea fuchsias and turquoise all stand out against our matte vintage whites, wooden accents and natural grays.


When I bounded out of bed and had devoured two cups of coffee, my creative spark took hold.

I brought home a pre-cut hummingbird design not too long ago from the fabric store, and it was time to sew some goodness with it.

It has such beautiful natural coastal colours in it, that it is perfect for our living room.


To sew a simple Euro cushion cover, I used the pre-cut square and then cut two back pieces of fabric that were wider by at least 5 inches or more to allow for seams//folded over edge and overlap.


The natural selvedge meant that I didn’t have to sew or finish the overlap, but rather folded it under and used a straight stitch to sew around the square.

I always finish the raw edges then with zigzag stitches or a serger to prevent fraying.  This project from start to finish only took a half hour or so.  Oh, fancy that!

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