Director Chair DIY

On this wonderful lazy Saturday, I really wanted to muck in to a new project, so between drafting some new patterns and researching trends, an “aha” moment springs!

The director chair that we’ve had for so long, which I’d already stenciled, really needed some TLC.

I’d just purchased more Nate Berkus fabric for an upcoming Creative Session, and had some spare of the Iko Paramount in Onyx.

The DIY was as simple as removing the top of the chair to slide out the seat, then I created a pattern from the existing one, adding seam allowance of 5/8″.  After sewing a few simple straight lines, re-inserting the sides and fixing the chair top back on, voila!


I am chuffed with the result, needless to say it is now my new favourite chair.  And that is a strong statement if you knew how many chairs I own!

It’s a simple update that packs a punch and hopefully inspires you to re-create your own simple upholstery and decor print pops.

Stay Creative,

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