Confetti & Curveballs

The hustle & bustle of the festive season is in full swing, making it a genuine challenge to follow through with a laid-back lifestyle at this time of year.  Our new leaf is about little joys rather than lots of stuff and we are hoping to continue this beautiful way of simpler living as our family grows together.

Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist says it so perfectly:

“The holiday season is about family, and thankfulness, and faith and love and peace. It’s about reflecting on the year that was, and looking forward to the year that can be. It’s about counting blessings. It’s about slowing down long enough to appreciate the things in life that matter most.”

I have some lovely ideas that will keep the buzz of the season going without buying more, having more and doing more.  So here’s a little go-to post if you’re also trying to calmly navigate this festive time of year with a focus on fun & simplicity over new, shiny things.


I sometimes feel quite overwhelmed by social media and Pinterest, though this isn’t all negative.  There are so many wonderful DIY’ers, lifestyle bloggers and seamstresses out there that can be utterly inspiring.  In the same respect, it can make us wonder if we are doing enough or should we, too, be making Advent Calendars, Pinterest-perfect wreaths and our own wrapping paper?  Will this make the festive season more memorable for our families and friends?  Ourselves?

When I started my small business teaching mama’s to sew simple kids clothing made for adventure, the direction seemed clear.  But along the way, life threw confetti and curve balls our way.

A beautiful friend told me of pivots in business, and this was revolutionary to me, as here I was thinking…but, if I change direction, will it completely change my business/following/etc…?  Instead, I’ve learned to embrace change.  This has been an ongoing process that probably started when I left for college and even more so when I left my homeland for the Big Smoke: London.  Since then, we grew our family and moved to the States.  A lot can change in mere years!

So here I am, with perspective and new direction, still in suitcases in a new town.  My rose-tinted glasses are a little less so, but still working well enough for me to enjoy a little creative naivety along the way!

I’m gaining a more positive momentum as I try to roll with adopting simpler, mindful living.  This in turn is switching up my blog, makes and posts and I’m seeking & finding a positive, happy place on Instagram rather than being caught up in a social media frenzy.  I’m loving putting my energy into home textiles and decor, ready to launch my Creative Sessions here in Austin, TX in 2017.


This festive season I’m looking forward to picking out a tree to trim, the sparkle in my mini’s eyes as we wander through Christmas lights, lots of hot chocolate with marshmallows, baking gingerbread men and pies, and sewing up some matching leggings for Christmas day.

DIY ideas are everywhere you look and I encourage you to seek your happy place on social media too, as the focus of making shouldn’t be stressful or overwhelming.  It shouldn’t be an endless list of projects just for show.  

You do you, find inspiration in other creative folks & their makes and enjoy the beauty of the creative process as you make something meaningful for yourself, others or your home.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year,

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