The movement away from fast-paced living is a positive shift and makes now the perfect time to embrace my roots of sewing and cooking.

We are so caught up with immediate gratification, even if it seems tiny and insignificant, that sometimes we skip the wonderful feeling of the wait.  Don’t get me wrong, this is me too.  Only now do I feel like I’ve finally grown enough and am in the blessed position of being at a stage where I can embrace a slower-paced way of life.  


We are no longer in our twenties, seeking fast fashion, food on the go, jetsetting, city life in London.  And that’s okay.  For the first time since we became parents and left London, we can finally own up to the fact that we need to slow down.  

The memories still seem like yesterday, and our wanderlust souls will always seek travel and adventure, that is certain.  But our lifestyle can now, well, relax a bit.  

For the first time since leaving Australia in 2010, we can truly unpack our suitcases and call this beautiful city of Austin, Texas, home.  It’s time to be, enjoy, breathe it in and find adventure around us that brings us joy.  We are still living the dream abroad, we will still see countless cities and landscapes in this wonderful world, but we will also find our way home.  Find your tribe, love them hard, they say.

And so, twenty-seventeen began in all it’s glory of a new dawn, new day…sometime while we slept anyway!  Here we are, refreshed and excited to create more memories for another year of who knows what.  Adventure awaits!

I’m excited to say that this year, I’m kick-starting my blog in the direction it feels most organic.  Put simply, I want to spend the year learning to slow down: savouring mommyhood, slow fashion, slow food, embracing simpler living and creating joyful makes for my home and family.

This year, we are saving to buy our own little slice of Texas and we are constantly learning and evolving as new seasons of our lives sprout and grow.


As I scrolled through my Instagram feed recently, something I’m doing less of…oops…a post caught my eye from @caroline_joy on the 10×10 challenge with @leevosburgh.

And I’m in!  This is exactly the way I would love to start my year of spending less and experiencing more.  At first it seemed difficult to narrow my wardrobe (which I’d already minimised) to 10 items for 10 days, but as I started to pick and choose, I learned two immediate lessons:

  1. I could maybe do this and minimise my wardrobe for good!
  2. I was selecting the clothes that were exactly “me” and fit my lifestyle…purposefully & mindfully!

This seems like a positive start to shy away from the fast fashion micro seasons that are telling us what to wear and how to dress too often to fully appreciate the story behind our clothing and how it makes us feel.

I’ve selected my 10 after looking at the weather forecast…Austin is sure keeping it weird this winter…and so here is a sneak peek…


For those of you that want the nitty-gritty details

{Paris tourist tee} {striped tee} {boho blouse} {grey bare-shoulder sweater} {soft black vintage jacket/cardi} {black skinny cropped jeans} {ripped blue jeans} {boyfriend jeans} {cowboy boots} {well-loved sandals from Spain}

As with any post or project on my blog, these are little snippets of what I’m up to that will hopefully interest or inspire you to enjoy the process of learning and making, and feel the joy in creating things yourself.

Follow along on Instagram for the daily vibes!  Happy #winter10x10 folks,

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