Fabric Jungle

The sun came streaming in today after some chilly weather in Austin, making it the perfect day to enjoy the sunshine.

I was inspired to tend to my growing indoor jungle and decided to make bohemian-style fabric cosy planters.

If you’re following along on my visual journey via Instagram, I’m sure you’ll see more of these cropping up on my feed.


The sewing machine got dusted off for twenty-seventeen and it has completely re-energised my creative streak.  It seemed that the final hurrah of twenty-sixteen was all about reflecting on what was, and this first week of the new year has been about planning.

 Keeping with my lifestyle goal of truly learning to slow down this year, I was excited when this creative idea happened organically.  On a whim, something wonderful was handmade today and that brings me happiness.


I’d love to try an iron-on Vinyl to create a somewhat water proofed version.

I have kept my original planters inside so the plant can be watered without ruining the fabric.

A simple plastic planter or terracotta one works wonders: make sure you have a saucer underneath for the water to drain.  Using a planter inside the fabric also adds to the structure, keeping the fabric taut and snug!

Oh, and I did Day One of the #winter10x10 challenge to inspire a minimalist or capsule wardrobe.

It felt wonderful to not stumble around figuring out what to wear.  I felt simply styled and it encouraged me to accessorize, which I used to do so often, but now as a mama I rarely do.


This week is a goodie, and it’s only Monday!  Get inspired lovely folks,

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