All Day, Every Day

Today motherhood kicked my ass.  Well, I might be a little dramatic with that comment but truly, today it seemed there were a lot more tears, heightened stress, things felt rushed and our scooter got stolen.  It’s too easy to focus on these occurrences and too easy to play the mamahood blame game.  We are so incredibly hard on ourselves sometimes.


What I want to focus on is the fact that I got to savor two coffees…well, admittedly one was gulped down, searing my esophagus, but the other was handmade by my husband in the wee hours of the morning and was sipped in all its splendor.

As the midweek monotony hits us, let’s focus on these fleeting moments of joy, followed by another, then another fleeting moment of joy.

The hard moments try to cling on, but then they’re met with a baby’s smile or a preschoolers bubble bath beard, and suddenly its okay…until there are tears over pajamas that are in the wash.


Let’s be honest, parenting is much like writing reports (ahem, the teacher in me still exists) where we point out improvements that can be made and combat it with positive remarks too.

All day, every day we experience life and the sooner we embrace what that is for us personally, and what it is for our own little tribe, the better off this life will be.


Are we there yet?

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