Creative Sessions

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Currently Crossing Borders…temporarily closed for bookings until 2017.

My creative sessions grew organically from my background in design and the knack for teaching lovely folk across this wonderful world to create.

From Sydney – London – California – Texas, with travels in between to New Zealand, Thailand, South Africa + Europe, my wanderlust style and Aussie roots play a key part in what I choose to create.

This business is built on a love of handmade.

I’m inspired by my life and it’s changing seasons, fellow creatives, trends and the stamp of my style as a citizen of the world, having always lived out of a suitcase whilst traipsing the globe since 2004!

With an emphasis on custom design, my Creative Sessions are designed to provide you with little treasures from inspiration to materials.  Find out how good it feels to create something yourself.

Creative Sessions will launch in our new hometown of Austin, TX in 2017.


Seen something on my Instagram feed that you fancy?  Contact me to create a complete custom session on it.


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